Eco People ICroft and Hurworth

What do we do?

All kinds of projects in and around Hurworth to improve the habitat for birds, bats, insects, bees - and improving the natural environment in general with bulb and wildflower planting, community orchard, and enhancing the walks around the Grange grounds. Anyone can get involved: follow us on facebook to find out what activites are planned. 


Would you like to Help Flora and Fauna? Click below;

Visit Hedgehog Street.

Build a minibeast hotel

Build a mini pond

National Nestbox Week

And find out about EPICH projects round the village, at The Grange, and Supporting Wildlife


EPICH has its own apiary, hosted at Clervaux Garden School in Croft.  The apiary was started with £3000 sponsorship from County Durham Community Foundation.  



If you think you could help EPICH in either an organising or working role, please contact our secretary via:

Don't forget to follow us on Facebook

You will find Nature work is very satisfying and worth while. So give it a try!


A Little History

EPICH Started life as Friends of the Community - Hurworth.  This name prompted more questions than it answered so in 2013 the Group decided to turn to Hurworth and Croft Primary schools for inspiration, suggesting to each they run two competitions, one for the name and one for the logo.  The winner of the logo competition was Emily Liddle from Hurworth Primary, and the winner of the name competition was Dominic Hancock from Croft Primary who came up with the acronym EPICH, “Eco People In Croft & Hurworth".  Since then, the logo has had a little updating to keep it fresh and allow it to be used in electronic media, while remaining true to Emily's original.










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